Research chemicals are for RESEARCH/ LABORATORY USE ONLY ND ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION with exception of instructed by trusted professional, research chemicals MAY CAUSE BODILY HARM.
Please consult your Doctor.
No information given should be considered as medical, recreational, intellectual or factual advice only your licensed dope dealer (doctor/pharmacist) could possibly be smart enough to tell you what to do.
ANY misuse of these chemicals or information will result in the researcher retaining full responsibility/ownership of any negative or positive results/side effects.
These chemicals are NOT drugs (ONLY the FDA retains the power to pass that honor to a substance) and are not covered by your insurance. Research Chemicals have not been evaluated by the FDA.
All viewers/purchasers CLAIM NO LIABILITY to NewRoids its; owners, partners, affiliates, salesmen, manufacturers, distributors or friends.
None of these statements insinuations, words, ink, voice or video content can be used against Newsarms, newroids, newtricare any of its owners, subsidiaries or friends in court of law. The purchase of these products is an agreement that the buyer is over age 21 is a researcher or has the concent of his or her trusted health practitioner.
Now the lawyers are happy
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