LGD4 Research Kit


The Newsarms Research Kits allow our researchers the opportunity to make liquid research chemicals while getting the opportunity to enjoy entry level chemistry. However, the main goal of our research kits is to provide you the research chemical of your choice in its most pure state (raw powder) to ensure maximum integrity for your research needs.

Many liquid research chemicals are suspended in a basic solvent like a glycol or glycerin and come readily made. However, the issue with this is that the potency of the compound starts to  gradually deteriorate after around 90 days of being suspended. Many times these products are manufactured in huge batches all at once and remain in inventory for months at a time before it even gets to the consumer! And even though your liquid research chemical will maintain some level of potency, it certainly not a potent as it could be if it were made fresh from the raw materials.

This is were our kits come in!

Each kit contains a analytical sample of your choice compound that is sealed in a light resistant Mylar bag that has been sealed with an anti-moisture silica pack to ensure maximum integrity. Our kits also includes a 45ml bottle of PEG-400 to suspend your compound in. This way, your product is made with the maximum potential for premium research experience.


  • 500 mg of lab grade LGD-4
  • 45 ml Glycol Suspension solution (PEG-400)
  • Micro Scoop
  • Micro Funnel
  • Small Weigh Dish (aka weigh boat)


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