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Melanotan II has been reported to increase the pigmentation of skin without any direct exposure to the sun.

The genitals have high level of melanocytes which combined with UV rays heighten their response to melanotan II so many get higher sex drive and many report spontaneous erections.

Increased melanin has been said to improve endurance and performance in general on the field and in the bedroom making it a great combination for any researcher that wants to increase performance, get a tan, lose fat and reduce appetite

Melanotan 2 for weight loss

After clinical research, it was concluded that melanotan II plays an integral role in the process of weight loss by due to three main reasons:

  1. It can suppress appetite (too high a dose may even induce nausea) thus forcing the body to consume less thereby making dieting easier
  2. Melanotan II will promote reduction in visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues directly
  3. Melanotan II increases metabolism which increases activity both aiding in loss of fat

Melanotan II is the way some bodybuilders go from casper to ripped and tan and lets face it tanned skin shows muscle better than pale skin (this is not recommended due to the fact that this is a research peptide and not for human use none the less too many have done so for it not to be brought to light)

How to administer melanotan II

Melanotan ll is available in powder form which needs to be diluted with bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride but we have found it more easily administered in a nasal or oral spray with our formula for hightend absorption

Dosage depends on skin type and the tolerance level of each test subject (some can become nauseated)

You can generally divide skin in three types to figure out the dosage:

  1. Pale skin only 1 to 2 full compressions
  2. Medium tan 2-4 compressions
  3. Dark skin 4 or more compressions

In short, the darker skin color is the less will be needed for tanning but the more will be needed for the effective dose and tolerance grows as the skin darkens as we have seen in our research animals

melanotan II can help with erectile dysfunction (ED) as well. An administration for those suffering from ED can take 0.25 mg of melanotan ll which is the average dosage for a day or = to 4 compressions.

It is important to recognize that every unique test subject will react differently to melanotan ll due to different concentration levels of melanocyte in their body. Some research subjects may tan faster or darker than others as a result. Similarly, its effects regarding ED and weight loss might also differ from research subject to subject.

Benefits of Melanotan 2

Following are some of the results that have been observed researching melanotan 2:


Weight Loss

Sexual Drive

Body Building

It has also shown to increase muscle while simultaneously helping lose weight. It has been used by body builders who saw satisfactory results. This compound is not for human consumption, but it is worth noting that 1000s of bodybuilders and help get ready for a show or simply to look good on the beach.


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