MPS 200X


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Why Should I use the NEWtritional HEALTH CARE brand of MPS? 
MPS  200 X are created from natural ingredients.  The primary ingredient is the MPS molecule from aloe, which has been researched in depth by the patent holder, who has over 90 patents on this molecule.  The FDA found that the P450 results classified this molecule as food, which means that it is considered safe.  The patented formulation includes alkaline electrolytes to promote rapid intercellular movement.  It also includes Vitamin C Complex, a strong antioxidant blend of Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, Organic Fruit Powders & Calcium.  The Beta Glucan combined with the Vitamin C Complex & alkaline electrolytes boost the protection from free radical damage in the body and ensure rapid bioavailability.  Additionally, because our company is concerned for your overall well-being, we have been able to bring this to the market at a remarkable price.  Competitive products sell for up to $150.00 for a one-month supplyOur formula retails for much less for a 2 month or more supply


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