Healthy glandular function can support the body in reducing or stopping a host of problems. This includes sugar being out of balance, poor overall metabolism, imbalances in mood, brain fog, infection, inability to maintain muscle mass and many more.

Restore aims to renew the body and its glandular systems. By boosting our body and its glandular system we restore health not only to that system but to the chemical and electrical systems in the body. Everything is tied together. Our body cannot run efficiently without being cleaned out from toxins, without proper hydration and electrolyte balance, without proper nutrients and it cannot function without glandular health.

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  • Supports the body in restoring the endocrine system
  • pH balanced with herbs and supplements for easy absorption
  • Promotes health of adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, spleen, thymus and liver.
  • Adrenal Health Restores energy that has been reduced by stress
  • Thymus and Adrenal health restores our natural defenses
  • Nutritional seaweed provides bioavailable iodine to support thyroid health
  • Thyroid health is key for proper metabolism and weight management
  • Alkaline formulation supplies vitamin and minerals to support glandular extracts
  • Contains over 30 ingredients that are synergistically balanced for optimum bioavailability.
  • Contains Coleus Forskohlii, an herb that supports conversion of fat to muscle
  • L Tyrosine promotes production of thyroid hormones
  • Enhance Mood and Memory when the endocrine system is healthy
  • Promote normalized blood sugar
  • Healthy adrenals provide support for the body with circulation, muscle tone, allergies, stress, energy and endurance
  • Support your glandular system with Restore


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