Ultimate Fat Loss Combo


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2 Bottles of AOD-9604 (10ml)

1 Bottle of TRX-2

1 Bottle of Sugar Shocker (GDA)



AOD stands for Advanced Obesity. The peptide AOD-9604 may be used in the treatment of obesity. It can facilitate rapid burning of fats and development of muscle. AOD-9604 is the first peptide of its kind. Obesity is a prevalent problem, especially in Western countries. AOD is being studied to be a possible aid in this fight.

AOD-9604 works in research dealing with obesity. It not only has potential to help improve metabolism but also to build muscle. The bodies of obese people may have trouble burning fat. AOD-9604 mimics the hormone which stimulates fat metabolism. It, therefore may promote faster loss of weight by improving metabolism.

It enhances the functioning of beta-3 receptors making it different from other chemicals used for obesity.

Other products suppress appetite or the rate of food absorption. This peptide has a high capacity to help burn fat. It triggers the release of fats from the fat cells which lead to obesity. It is especially great in reducing stubborn fats in the abdominal area.

Sugar Shocker

Sugar shocker is the ultimate Glucose disposal agent and one of the most versatile products we carry.

For those with elevated sugar levels or excessive sugar cravings, Sugar Shocker has 72 ingredients to help with every aspect of appetite and balancing sugar levels. Originally formulated for diabetics to lower A1C and glucose we noticed that almost everyone who took it lost weight. Because of this revelation it is now used by many as their multi-vitamin and favorite weight loss supplement.

For bodybuilders wanting to bulk, it can be used to shuttle carbohydrates into the muscle tissue in order to gain more mass. This can be done by taking Sugar Shocker with simple carbohydrates pre-workout. Or by by taking it alongside you post-workout meal.
Ever wish there were a product that could:
  • help balance blood sugar
  • reduce A1c levels
  • curb cravings
  • support the kidneys
  • help blood flow to help prevent neuropathy
  • support the health of the eyes
  • aid in regeneration of the pancreas
  • focus on rejuvenating beta islet cells
  • reduce sugar intolerance
  • was non toxic and even aid the livers health
  • supports every system that diabetes effects
  • comes in a 2 month supply with each bottle
Sugar Shocker is all of that and a multivitamin mineral all in 1





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